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Tips for Picking a Guided Trip

Such a great review about Morocco,most of travelers who had an opportunity to visit had left with great impressions and with an idea to comeback and spread the word. Morocco,is one of the safest Countries at North Africa,it is a very divers place, in terms of Nature you can enjoy the Atlantic coast starting from Casablanca towards the Portuguese Fortress of Al Jadida and continue to the Oysters town Al Walidia and make it to Essaouira through Asfi which is known by pottery and silk crafts,once at Essaouira which is called the Surfers paradise,it's a windy town where the surfers from all over the world come to enjoy the high waves and had some fresh fish at the old Medina and interact with locals bye some souvenirs.from Essaouira travelers can head to Marrakesh for like a 3 hours drive to enjoy the world UNESCO heritage square where snake charmers,story tellers and Berber Musicians gather to create an open Arena for people to enjoy and have fun.by all means Morocco is a Country where Travelers can Enjoy the Atlantic,the Mediterranean ocean,the Forest and Mountains and for the Adventurous Travelers can go deep south to Have a camel ride and spend the night under the Berber tents and watch the Open sky to witness the shooting starts at the Sahara Desert.as fans of Morocco we really encourage people to come visit,there many ways to travel in Morocco;either you want to travel by yourself (use public trains and buses) or hire a private Morocco based tour company to take you allover the Country,among the trust worthy tour providers i highly recommend http://rovemoroccotravels.com/ to tailor your trip or get some travel tips about Morocco.

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Professional Tour Company in Morocco

RoveMoroccoTravels is a Professional Tour Company that provide private Morocco tours and Day trips run by experienced and knowledgeable local guides. After many years travelling over all Morocco , exploring  its unique culture, we earned a big experience and learned a lot about what the visitor likes and needs.  We always provide reasonably priced tours , day trips , and also transportation. Contact us to explore the beauty of Morocco’s Sahara desert, Imperial cities, authentic Morocco, or just to help you tailor the perfect private Morocco tour.

Morocco sustainable Tourism

By creating the responsible tourism charter, Morocco commits to making tourism an "instrument of peace and international understanding".

For an ecological tourism
"Tourism is firstly a bridge between peoples and civilizations, an act of mingling peoples and cultures and, by its nature, an openness to the other and to modernity. Clean and responsible tourism, as it is respectful of mankind, nature, the environment and the rules and laws which govern the area." His Majesty King Mohammed VI has made tourism one of the national priorities with a clear focus: responsible tourism. The "Vision 2010" plan sets out precise measures and actions to enable fulfillment of the objective of tourism which fully plays its role in the country's development. Among the numerous initiatives is the Moroccan Responsible Tourism Charter, extracts of which include:

Respect for Values

"The key tourism development players must ensure that sufficient attention is drawn to the traditions and the culture of regions and inhabitants."

Respect for cultural wealth

"The tourism business must be designed so as to allow supervision and development of the traditional cultural, craft and national heritage products, and not causing their standardization or impoverishment."

Respect for the environment

Certified clean beaches
"It is the duty of all those involved in tourism development to protect the environment and natural resources as part of the objective for continuous and sustainable economic growth, in order to fairly satisfy the needs and aspirations of present and future generations."

Respect for childhood

"Exploitation of human beings in any form, particularly sexual, and especially when it targets children, attacks the fundamental objectives of tourism and represents a negation of it."
source: http://www.visitmorocco.com/index.php/eng/I-get-information/Responsible-tourism/Responsible-fair-and-sustainable

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Camel Riding in Merzouga Dunes arranged by RoveMoroccoTravels

Camel Trekking at the Sahara Desert of Morocco is considered as one of the famous tourist activity. it has been preferred by many visitors to Mezrouga area.it has always been a  trip that takes you on a journey on a camel back  through beautiful Desert dunes. besides it is a great opportunity to discovering the magical secret of nomadic life,and experience the Camel riding through the heart of Sahara with your camel-man. during this trip you will have the chance to across the dunes of Erg Chebbi which is located near Merzouga Village at the south east of Morocco. this area is known by its golden dunes and hospitality of the Amazigh people ,while at the Berber camp you will spend a magical night under the clear sky and the shining stars which gives a new sense to life . be sure you will never forget these best moments during your tour in Morocco. 


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Discover the Attractions of Morocco with RMT

Attractions of Morocco:

Morocco is a land rich in natural beauty and unforgettable places that are both fascinating to visit and intriguing to uncover. For visitors who want to immerse themselves in Moroccan culture and history there are a plenty of places to see, as the ancient city of Asila, the Grottoes of Hercules. Equally memorable is the Moroccan landscapes, which is framed by several impressive destinations such as the Sahara Desert and the stunning mounting ranges such as the High, Mid and the anti Atlas. Moreover the Chefchaouen Mountains.

Discover Morocco with Rovemoroccotravels.com

Discover Morocco:

Morocco is located on the North West coast of Africa and has ports in the North Atlantic Ocean as well as the Mediterranean Sea. It is the third most populous Arab country, separated only by 9 miles from Europe it is also a gateway for travelers into Africa. Morocco is a country of inspiration and romantic allure for the westerners. Its greatest charm lies in the labyrinths of the imperial cites; Rabat, Meknes, Marrakech and Fes.furtheremore Morocco is home to an amazing rich architectural tradition and its medieval cities, Roman ruins, Berber fortresses and beautiful Islamic monuments are among the best examples of their kind in the world. 


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the highlights of Morocco Grand Tours

   If you want to learn about Moroccan culture
 and landscape diversity, then do not hesitate
 to take the 16 days expedition which includes
 the highlights of Morocco.

The Tour includes the Moroccan imperial cities of  Rabat, Fes, Meknes and Marrakech. You’ll visit the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara desert, the valleys and the gorges, the ocean and the countryside.    You will learn about Moroccan history, culture and enjoy the diversity of the Moroccan landscape. Our Morocco Grand Tour can start either in Casablanca or Tanger, depending on the way you enter Morocco. Also, if you do not have enough time to take the whole tour, we can customize it for you depending on the length of your vacation in Morocco. The guided tour starts and ends in Casablanca. 

Contact us at : http://rovemoroccotravels.com/ 

Rove Morocco Travels


RoveMoroccoTravels is a local Tour Provider & Tourism Transport Company, specializing in Private Day Trips and cultural Tours. With combined experience of more than a decade in the Tourism industry, RMT is socially responsible and supports the sustainable development, promotion of local identity,cultural exchange and protection of the environment; at RMT we ensure reliability, efficiency. And being based in Morocco is a major advantage to our guests as we are on hand should there be changes in their original program or schedule. So whether you want our staff to suggest an itinerary, or let us now about the places you want to discover, our staff can arrange a trip of a lifetime. Our aim is to provide trips that reflect the culture and nature of Morocco, whilst combining adventure and quality service for our dear guests that becomes part of our family from the first contact. So let us make your dreams real. 


Real Moroccan Experience

5 of 5 starsReviewed March 14, 2015
My husband and I visited Morocco in Summer 2014. I was nervous about having a guide for our 13 day trip. What if our personalities clashed? It's a long time to spend with someone you've never met before. I was beyond pleasantly surprised by our experience. It didn't take us long at all to trust Mohamed. His extensive knowledge of Morocco is encyclopedic in scope. We were treated to both the touristic highlights of Morocco as well as some of the mundane, "real life Morocco" experiences. We left feeling as though we got an authentic experience, and it was all thanks to Mohamed. I'm looking forward to another trip to Morocco in the future with Mohamed as our guide.

Written by Danika Atkins
Visited June 2014

Cultural Tours of Morocco

Most special and funnest trips ever!
5 of 5 starsReviewed November 12, 2014 via mobile

I and 3 of my friends had the privilege of having Mohamed or "Mo" lead us around Morocco for 9 days from Casablanca to Marrakech. The tour was informative, relaxed and full of laughter!!!!
The riads and hotels were all lovely . Food was excellent. Morocco is a beautiful country. But what made the trip was Mo and the personal care he took for the 4 of us. Being 4 women traveling basically with someone we didn't know....from the start Mo made us feel comfortable and listened to what we wanted to do and see. There was no question or request that wasn't answered with "yes please and you are welcome to morocco".

Personal touches were found EVERY single day that we could have only had with Mo as our guide. We wanted to relive Casablanca with a drink at ricks cafe- done. We wanted to buy a fez in FEZ- done. Feeding Barbary apes on a snow covered mountain-done. Lunch with his family in Rissani -done. A toast sitting on the Sahara dunes at sunset- done. A toast on the beaches of essaouria on my birthday- done. Eating freshly caught local finish with the locals- done. An intimate tagine cooking class for the 4 of us and our new Moroccan friends -done!

Just the car trips discussing moroccan history , Berber culture and listening to all different types of Moroccan music were fantastic. He knew we loved some of his music choices so much that he gave us his own personal CDs as a gift.
I cannot in one review tell you all the special moments we had.
I can tell you if you want to have a fantastic time you will choose Mohamed to guide you. And on a side note , may I suggest some mahia or "water of life". Trust me , you cannot go wrong!

Explore Morocco with Rove Morocco Travels

In April and May, 2013, my wife, Heidi, and I traveled for 3 weeks in Morocco.  We got around on our own the first week in Tangier, Meknes, Volubilis and Fez.  Before leaving home in America we had made arrangements for accommodations in Meknes and for a driver to drive us from Meknes to Fez. We met Moha in Fes and he guided us on a 10 day tour through Midelt, the Chebbi dunes, Rissani, Todra Gorge, Dadas Gorge, Skoura, Ourzazate, Taroudannt, Agadir, Essaouira and other destinations before reaching Marrakech.  All our accommodations were top notch and eating spots were equally perfect.  
Our time spent with Moha was the highlight of our journey.  Moha is a warm soul who immediately seemed to understand our personalities and guide us in an appropriate manner.  Heidi and I share interests in culture, landscape, history, architecture, etc.  Beyond these interests, I have an interest in geology and minerals and Heidi is interested in silversmithing and jewelry.  We constantly peppered Moha with questions about everything under the sun and he patiently answered them. He might answer us through a story or a cultural expression and these interactions became our window into how at least one Moroccan thinks.  Moha is of Amazir (Berber) heritage.  The population of Morocco is roughly evenly divided between people of Amazir and Arabic ancestries.  The Amazir are an ancient people who lived in what is now Morocco before the Roman, Arab and French arrived and made their contributions.  You can learn much more about the Amazir elsewhere. For the purposes of this review I just want to point out that the Amazir have a long tradition of struggle to maintain their identity as they faced waves of newcomers. They also have a tradition of coexistence.  It is this theme of Amazir cross-cultural understanding that Moha focuses on in his outlook and his life.  He grew up in Rissani and his tribe excels in trade between different groups around the Sahara desert.  He has a degree in English literature from the University in Meknes and his english is excellent. (He also speaks Arabic, French, and other languages I cannot remember.)  He has worked as an on-the-ground coordinator for the student exchange program of the University of Texas, Austin.  He has visited the United States to help sell Moroccan fossils at the annual rock and mineral bazaar at Tucson, Arizona.  But what he is really excited about now is studying and practicing the understanding between peoples of different backgrounds and using this as an approach within tourism.  Something like cultural tourism that is less anthropological and more about exchanging living cultural viewpoints between equals.  His passion is evident in how he talks about his Amazir traditions and how ancient ideas of community continue to have relevance in today’s world.  I must add that Moha is an excellent driver.  We had no idea how vast the distances are in Morocco.  In Morocco you need a driver who can stay alert over long distances, in varying road conditions, hairpin curves and in the presence of erratic driving by others.  Moha is such a driver and he loves driving.  Our spacious SUV (I am 6’4” and had ample room) was clean and stocked with snacks every morning.  More importantly over 10 days I never saw Moha wander from his lane in fatigue.  I think his personal mission is to honk at every wobbly bicyclist across the nation in order to get them to value their own lives as much as he does!After spending some time in Morocco you begin to think that everyone is related through family or familiarity.  Moha is typical in this regard.  He was able to call his contacts throughout the country while we were on the move and make things happen for us.  Heidi wanted very much to meet a traditional silversmith and see how they work.  We encountered many dead ends in the research we did before leaving home.  Its a difficult task now because much of the silver making was traditionally done by Jewish people spread throughout the country in many towns.  There was an exodus of many Jews after WW2 to Israel and the art is unfortunately dying.  Moha was finally able to find a likely craftsman in Taroudannt and we spent a few hours with him.  As is the law/custom we also needed to have a local guide for the day while we explored the town.  Although he was a gracious, kind man who served us well I could not help but notice the difference between our two guides.  In the souk the local guide brought us to one market stall after another where he clearly received reward for doing so.  Moha never would do such a thing.  Moha did often take us to souks and we had a chance to interact with local artisans and traders but the tone was one of educational exchange and not an overt buying opportunity. There may have been an agreement between guide and trader but I felt it was for our benefit and not for our exploitation.  When we wandered in the souks as a trio Moha would often keep a distance ahead or behind and we were relatively unmolested by the traders.  Somehow he was communicating to the eager traders with looks or signals that we were with him and he was watching over us.  I still don’t know how he did it, even in unscheduled settings.  Before and after in Meknes or Marrakech when Heidi and I were alone in the souks we had a full helping of aggressive trader come-ons.  This is all part of the experience but this is where an experienced guide like Moha who is fluent in local customs is so valuable to moderate the experience and help you to feel comfortable and receptive to learning more.Moha surprised us one night by offering to take us to part of the wedding ceremony of one of his cousins. Though we were tired we could not pass up such an opportunity. We were warmly greeted by Moha’s extended family and were treated as guests of honor within the enormous tent decked out with a massive upholstered throne for the bride and a 21st sound system for dancing afterwards. We were amazed by the ceremony and were quite moved by the generosity with which we were incorporated in the festivities. Moha kept an eye on us to explain what was happening and to guide us through the protocols. We witnessed the henna ceremony which is only one night out of 3 days of festivities. As a surprise, Moha arranged the highly skilled henna artist to henna Heidi’s hands. They were absolutely stunning. What a magical evening!My wife would like me to add some notes about our itinerary for those that are interested. If we were to plan the trip again we would fly into Casablanca, where flights arrive most frequently, and have a guide, preferably Moha, pick us up and whisk us away to Marrakech. We would spend a couple days here with a guide to get the lay of the land and help us understand how to navigate this new culture. Marrakech is more westernized than other cities so it's a good starting point. We might also have a couple days on your own there. After that we would rejoin our guide for a drive to the coast to Essaouira and have freshly caught and grilled fish by the port. Spend a few nights here exploring the laid back seaside town on your own. It's such a nice way to relax and spread your wings. Afterwards drive down the coast and experience the landscape and seafood. There is a town that is known for its farming of French style oysters and other amazing towns along the way. Then head in the direction of Taroudannt. Along the way experience the goats in the argan trees and the amazing oil that the trees produce. (Argan cooking oil is delicious and healthy. Also the lotions and argan-derived products are incredible too. Moha would often buy a bunch of these things to send his sister.) Head toward the Todra Valley. The water systems and agriculture are brilliant and beautiful. Stop at the Rose City where roses are grown in order to distill their scent. Daily the locals fill burlap bags with the white and blush pedals of the rose, carry them to a still where the essence/oil of the pedals are extracted to form rose water, oil, and many other lovely things. Heidi especially loved how the rose water was so refreshing in the desert heat when splashed on. (We got a thrill out of how Moha doused himself all over with rose water at the factory. It was so amusing! But the man smelled fine.) Local girls string blush colored rose buds into small wreaths, hearts and necklaces and offering them for sale along the road. Moha bought one for Heidi. Heidi says that she thinks Moha could see she was excited about the rose petal crafts but hesitant to speak up. Throughout the trip Moha helped Heidi experience the generosity of gifting small gifts back and forth. We gifted back and forth rose water, dried dates, bananas of the region and imported chocolate. We three shared it all and Jeff and Heidi experienced their culture of generosity. Back to the itinerary notes, we would continue to Rissani and the desert. Here you can ride a camel across the magnificent dunes of the Sahara Desert and overnight in a traditional Amizer/Berber tent piled with carpets. Perhaps you are wondering if these camel rides and tents are a bit hokey or touristy?  Well, if they are hokey, they are nevertheless an unforgettable experience. Numerous groups of Amazir live in this area and a guide like Moha, who is originally from Rissani, can help illuminate these varying cultures to the traveler. If we were doing it again we would spend more time in this area and we would have slowed down a bit more to have time to absorb the slow moving desert life. On the way to Midelt there is an interesting powerful water geyser that Moha could tell we would be interested in. It's not on the regular itinerary but he had a hunch we would enjoy it and he was right. It would be nice for us to have stayed overnight in Midelt so we could have shopped the numerous rock and mineral dealers of the area. We would recommend passing through Ifrane and Volubilis before ending your guided tour in Fez. Do Fez on our own for 4 nights and get lost in its medieval exotic mystery.We enthusiastically recommend Rove Morocco Travels  as a knowledgeable, responsible, resourceful Tour Company in Morocco.
Written by Mr.Jeff Krueger