Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tips for Picking a Guided Trip

Such a great review about Morocco,most of travelers who had an opportunity to visit had left with great impressions and with an idea to comeback and spread the word. Morocco,is one of the safest Countries at North Africa,it is a very divers place, in terms of Nature you can enjoy the Atlantic coast starting from Casablanca towards the Portuguese Fortress of Al Jadida and continue to the Oysters town Al Walidia and make it to Essaouira through Asfi which is known by pottery and silk crafts,once at Essaouira which is called the Surfers paradise,it's a windy town where the surfers from all over the world come to enjoy the high waves and had some fresh fish at the old Medina and interact with locals bye some souvenirs.from Essaouira travelers can head to Marrakesh for like a 3 hours drive to enjoy the world UNESCO heritage square where snake charmers,story tellers and Berber Musicians gather to create an open Arena for people to enjoy and have fun.by all means Morocco is a Country where Travelers can Enjoy the Atlantic,the Mediterranean ocean,the Forest and Mountains and for the Adventurous Travelers can go deep south to Have a camel ride and spend the night under the Berber tents and watch the Open sky to witness the shooting starts at the Sahara Desert.as fans of Morocco we really encourage people to come visit,there many ways to travel in Morocco;either you want to travel by yourself (use public trains and buses) or hire a private Morocco based tour company to take you allover the Country,among the trust worthy tour providers i highly recommend http://rovemoroccotravels.com/ to tailor your trip or get some travel tips about Morocco.